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A letter to the scholarship recipients of the 4th Asian Population Association Conference

2018/5/2 10:50:51

Dear scholarship recipients,

We would like to congratulate you again for receiving the scholarship of the 4thAsian Population Association Conference (APAC).  We are happy to inform you that the National Organization Committee of the Conference has arranged hotel for both the partial and full scholarship recipients between July 11 and 15.

Your hotel will be the No.1 Building of the New Lehu Hotel, which is located right on the campus of Shanghai University, the site of APAC.  Please check in to the hotel after 12pm of July 11 and check out before 12pm of July 15.  The hotel offers free breakfast buffet between 7am and 9am everyday during your stay.  You can also have lunch and dinner at the hotel, but need to pay on you own.

Upon your arrival, the hotel expects you to pay 100 yuan (RMB) deposit, which will be returned to you after you check out.  The hotel expects you to return the door card(s) of your room to the front desk when you check out.  50 yuan will be deducted from the deposit if you lose the door card.  WIFI is free during your stay in the hotel.You need to pay on your own if you want to use telephones in the hotel to make domestic or international calls.

The New Lehu Hotel is extremely popular and usually fully booked.  So if you plan to extend your stay in Shanghai, unfortunately you have to arrange hotels on your own. You can find other hotel information from the conference website.

If you are a full scholarship recipient, your around-trip air flight tickets to Shanghai will also be covered.  The secretariat team of the National Organization Committee  will contact you soonby email to discuss the issues related to ticket booking. 

Thank you for your participation, and we look forward to seeing you in Shanghai.

Secretariat Team

National Organization Committee

The 4th Asian Population Association Conference

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