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2018 APA Conference News: The 3rd National Organization Committee Meeting at Shanghai University

2018/3/16 9:59:33


On March 5, the National Organization Committee (NOC) held its 3rd meeting preparing for the 2018 Asian Population Conference at Shanghai University. Dr. Duan Yong, Chairman of NOC and Vice President of Shanghai University, invited directors and staff of 16 departments to review the progress and coordinating efforts for the conference  These 16 departments at SHU include the University President Office, the main coordinator of the conference; the Financial Department which helps and supervises conference spending; the Public Relationship Office which helps promote the meeting; the International Affair Office which helps with visa issues; the Experimental Facility Department that is in charge of conference-service bidding; the Information Department which helps with internet connection other communication facilities; the Housing Management Department which arranges rooms for conference presentations; the Logistics Group which will provide food services to the conference; the Lehu Hotel which will provide some of the conference sites and hotel services; the University Police Department which will provide security services to the conference; the University Hospital which will provide emergency services; the Museum and Library which coordinate to provide sites for conference posters and exhibition booths; the Youth League Committee which helps recruiting student  volunteers; and the Music School which will provide a performance during the Welcome Dinner of the conference.


The meeting was initiated by Asian Demographic Research Institute (ADRI) – the host institute, and the School of Sociology and Political Science (SSPS) - the main acting departments. Staff from the East Star Event Management that is willing to provide services for the conference also attended the meeting.

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